Unknown Facts About Refrigerated Trailers

Ice cream truck freezer body is intended for keep the interior temperature range of -33 ?, just a refrigeration units is not enough, and equipped within or without eutectic kooltube for ice cream bodies is depending on your business demand. and ice cream transport refrigerated truck body is made of the 120-135mm thermo-insulated panels / PU sandwich panels, and the middle layer is new type extruded polyurethane foam free fluorine, with the thermal coefficient: K=0,18-0,20 W/m2K. Full Insulated Front/Side/Floor/Rear and Ceiling Panels. Whether the length, width, and height of the refrigerated truck body box you specify, or any of the configurations your business market needed. Refrigeratedtruckbody’s panels all employ PU sandwich structure: food leave FRP / aluminum + hard polyurethane foam + food class FPR/ aluminum, stainless steel and others skins also for you choose. And the panels thickness can be changed according to customer’s requirements from 25mm-135mm, in the world, front to rear, ceiling to floor — Refrigeratedtruckbody will keep the ice cream frozen and fresh foods fresh — longer-time !

Environmentally Friendly, refrigeratedtruckbody with was designed for a NEW generation refrigerated truck body for ice cream transporting. And the ice cream transporters or body built manufacturer, refrigerated truck manufacturer expect truck body more strength and durability, and recyclable materials using, in order to increase the environmental friendly. Application of Ice Cream Transport Refrigerated Truck Body, ice cream transport industry: this ice cream refrigerated truck body mainly used for transporting various frozen and chilled food, dairy and bakery, quick-frozen & deep-frozen ice cream, manly used in ice cream cool chain transportation, ice cream distribution factory, city cold chain distribution,city road (ice cream) cold chain transport. Manufacturer: bodies built, insulated vehicle manufacturer, refrigerated truck/van manufacturer, etcTo get more videos try out here,Refrigerated trailers .

Side Doors: Multi-side door, completely with the door aluminum frame, convenient loading and unloading ice cream, and the outer margin of the side and rear doors using imported EPDM sealing rubber, to ensure the truck box body airtight, waterproof, improve the ice cream truck freezer body’s thermal insulation performance, and also available to reduce passive heat transfer. External Device, four sets of signaling & marking lights, reflex-reflector devices is available, rear single bumper bar and 2 rubber bumper block, etc.

Internal Configuration & Seamless FRP Interior Walls: Roof internal lighting with the switch on the rear of the side wall, thermometer is located at the side wall of the inside body, an opening door device inside, to allow the trapped person to open the door inside in emergency, and with shelves and ice cream storage rack depending your business requirement. More important, refrigeratedtruckbody’s interior walls of the product employ seamless fiberglass reinforced plastic, clean-up easier and no volatile odors. Refrigerated Truck Body’s Skin, FPR skin used for both inside and outside insulated panels, stainless steel, aluminum surface and coated steel skin is alternative for your business. FRP refrigerated body is more save cost saving, lightweight, durable due to anti-corrosive properties. The Body’s Decoration, such as locks, hinge, hanger and wrap angle, etc adopts aluminum alloy profiles, 304 stainless steel or galvanized steel